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Leaf Blower Vacuum


PRICE: $2,699.00 (inc GST)

This is Australia's best motorised leaf vacuum and makes short work of cleanup jobs. Designed and built for Australian conditions, this vacuum is top quality and best in its class. Paddock™'s innovative design allows the unit to be used as a vacuum collecting the leaves for remote disposal or as a wheeled blower. Being self propelled you can operate the machine with minimal effort to the operator.

Paddock™ Leaf Vacuum and Blower
  • Self propelled! no need to manually push
  • Dual function - Vacuum or Blower capability (optional extras required for blower)
  • Genuine Kohler 4-stroke petrol engine
  • Heavy duty construction with large storage bag
  • Reliable and simple pull start
  • Simple to service and maintain with spare parts available


The Paddock™ Leaf Vacuum is ideal for driveway and path cleanup. The powerful vacuum sucks leaves and debris into the large catchment bag so it can be disposed off remotely. The unit is self propelled variable speed meaning the operator can engage the drive and simply walk behind, steering the unit. Alternatively the operator can manually push the unit, great for navigating tight pathways and turns. To empty the bag, simple unzip and dump the contents or remove the bag and take offsite.

Not all situations are suited to leaf blowers and operating a blower creates large amounts of dust and flying debris. A far better solution is vacuuming the leaves and collecting them for offsite disposal. This machine is ideal for use around the public such as in hotels and resorts were flying debris poses a risk. The vacuum will navigate pathways and common areas with ease and quickly tidy ready for presentation.

The Paddock™ Leaf Vacuum is built tough with a robust design. The vacuum impeller is heavy duty steel construction and aids in minor mulching of the leaves and debris before collection in the bag. 

The vacuum head height is adjustable via a simple handlebar lever meaning it can be set for a deep clean of all sand and debris or lifted slightly higher to focus on the lighter leaves debris.

This unit is incredibly simple to use and navigate around tight spaces. The self propelled function works extremely well and makes leaf and debris cleanup low intensity for the operator.

Optional Vacuum Hose Kit

Available is a optional 3m vacuum hose kit which fixes to the front of the unit. With the hose connected the operator can park the machine and use the hose to access otherwise difficult to reach locations.

Paddock leaf vacuum hose kit
Optional Blower Hose Kit

The blower hose kit convers the vacuum into a powerful blower. Engage the self propelled drive and walk along blowing debris and leaves from the path.

Paddock blower Hose kit

Vacuuming Leaves offers many advantages including:

  • Physical removal of debris from the area
  • Less air born dust and debris to impact bystanders
  • Increased efficiency due to large air volumes
  • Easy operation thanks to being self propelled


Leaf Vacuum
Brand Paddock™ Machinery
Working Width 750mm
Collection Volume 240 L
Self propelled ~2km/hr or manual push
Kohler 4-stroke petrol 6.5hp
Fuel consumption ~1.2 L/hr
~108 dB(a)
Dimensions 1510x790x1020mm
Weight ~80 kg
Optional Extras

3m Vacuum Hose Kit

1.3m Blower Hose Kit

Warranty 1 Year



47 Eagleview Place,
Eagle Farm QLD 4009