Plug Aerator


PRICE: $769.00 (inc GST)

The 'Paddock' plug aerator is the ideal piece of equipment for the the everyday green thumb to the hard working farmer. With capability's to tow behind ATVs, ride on mowers and quad bikes this is a flexible lawn and garden aerator. With up to 3" of aeration depth, this lawn aerator will allow water and nutrients access to the grass roots.

- designed to to be easily towed behind ride on mowers, quad bikes, ATVs...
- break up soils, grass roots and top layers to allow water, air, fertiliser and nutrients to access grass roots.
- low maintenance and spare parts available.

To maintain healthy lawns basic care practices are required; mowing, fertilizing, watering and aerating. By aerating your lawn you provide it with vital elements to survive. With aeration, air, water and nutrients can work their way through the soil to the core roots beneath making for a healthy and more vigorous lawn.

The paddock plug aerator penetrates your lawn top layer allowing it to breathe through compact dirt and a thatched lawn. Pushing its way through organic debris that has built up over time, strangling your lawn.

Attaching to the lawn aerator

The implement utilises a standard style clevis hitch with clevis pin and securing Cotter's pin. This type of connection will suit almost all mowers and small lawn care vehicles. If a tow ball connection is required these can be easily adapted to fit a standard tow ball tongue and mount. 

Aerator Operation

For best results, mow the lawn and remove clippings. Aerate after light rain or watering to assist the plugs entering the soil. Lower the plugs using the adjustment handle and keep a steady pace. Drive in straight lines and where possible avoid turning with the plugs in the soil. Several passes may be required in some areas and will provide greater penetration of the lawn. To increase the depth of the plug aerator, weights, such as bags of sand, soil or fertiliser, can be added to the top plate.



Aerator Specifications
 Type Tow Behind Lawn Aerator
Tray Capacity 65kg
Coverage ~4000 m2
Aerator Width 48" or 122cm
Replaceable Coring Points 32
Maximum Coring Depth 3" or 7.6cm
Construction Steel with black powder coat
Additional Weight Capacity Up to 60kg
Tyres Pneumatic 10"
Weight ~42kg
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty



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