Pressure Washer 3000 PSI

SKU: SPW3000

PRICE: $1,869.00 (inc GST)

Paddock™ deliver a high performance cold water pressure washer powered by a powerful Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke commercial engine. These washers are well priced and suited for heavy use applications such as cleaning driveways, washing cars and trucks, boats and many other cleaning applications.

3,000 PSI Cold Water Pressure Washer 12 L/min

When selecting a pressure washer care needs to be taken as the market has been flooded with poor quality, cheap units with impressive figures. With some simple research and understanding, users can quickly become informed and rest assured they're buying a quality pressure washer which is going to perform for many years without problems.

Paddock™ assemble all their washers from high quality components imported for all over the world. Ensure you're checking the details of what you're getting to receive a fair comparison.

This washer is a great size as it's easy to handle and load in the back of a ute, wagon or trailer whilst still delivering expectational performance. 

Washer Features:

  • Genuine Briggs and Stratton 4 Stroke Petrol Engine
  • Quality Italian pump design with oil bath and thermal protection
  • Reliable Recoil start on all models
  • High quality hose and accessories that last
  • 1 yr Australian warranty
Paddock™ High Quality Pumps

All Paddock™ pressure washers run quality Italian designed pumps that are CNC machined from forged brass with ceramic coated pistons and stainless steel valves. German PARKER packing, quality bearings and zinc alloy con-rod are just some of the reasons these pumps are so reliable. A high level of quality control results in a superior final pump which outperforms imitations.

This unit runs a direct drive pump as opposed to a gearbox reduction pump as seen on the commercial pressure washers. Direct drive pumps run at higher RPM, up to 3600 RPM to match the engine speed and have in the past had a reputation of not lasting in extreme pressure washing service. Advancements in tooling and machining means users can now achieve exception performance and operating life from a direct drive triplex pump. The pumps Paddock use are well proven and offer a significant economical saving other the gearbox reduction units used in the larger models. The pumps run a internal oil bath for cooling and lubrication which help to deliver the exceptional performance and reliability. 

Genuine Pressures and Flows

Some people obsess with peak operating pressure when it comes to pressure washers however in reality what's important is a good combination of pressure and flow. Paddock™ washers are coupled to a pump which not only produces very high discharge pressures, but it does this with a good flow rate of water. Having high amounts of water at pressure is what ultimately sets quality pressure washers apart from the budget units. Rather than confusing users with lots of variants, Paddock deliver the most popular sized unit making the decision simple.

Quality Engines

Paddock™ have packaged this pressure washer with a genuine Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine. B&S have been used in Australia for decades and have a extensive service network meaning parts are readily available. 

Paddock Pressure washer Briggs and Stratton washer

Genuine Briggs and Stratton Commercial 4-Stroke Petrol engines ensure reliable starting and trouble free performance. These commercial series engines are world renowned for delivering smooth operation with a nation wide service and support network.


Standard Components and Extras

The Paddock™ build quality in these units is exceptional and the extras that come as a standard features are impressive.

Non mark hoses as standard - cheap washers can leave behind black scuff marks which is never wanted. The Paddock™ range use steel wire braided hoses with a non mark outer coating. These hoses have a 4x over pressure on the burst pressure rating making them extremely long lasting and durable.

Paddock™ use high quality spray guns and lances which are over engineered so they last. Built with brass, stainless steel and reinforced plastics, these guns stand up to the daily abuse they get.

Each unit is delivered with a range of spray nozzles and upgrades - Each unit comes standard with the common 5 head colour coded nozzles which deliver different stream options from 0 degree cutting through to 40 degree wide washing as well as the black soap tip ideal for pre-blasting chemical applications.

The Paddock™ cold water washers come with galvanised steel frames with powder coated top finish. What good is a quality engine and pump if the steel frame it mounts to corrodes away? The galvanised steel frames match the life of the other components ensuring a robust all round package.

Specification SPW3000

2,800 PSI (at nozzle)

3,000 PSI Max


9.5 L/min (at nozzle)

12.6 L/min Max


Briggs and Stratton Petrol

6.5hp 4-Stroke Recoil Start XR950


Triplex Direct Drive Oil Filled

Bypass Standard
Pump Thermal Relief Included
Pump Soap Injection Port Standard
Hose Heavy duty 10m of non mark, steel wire braided commercial quality hose
Gun and Lance Heavy duty commercial quality dual lance
Nozzles Included 1 x 0° Red spray nozzle
1 x 15° Yellow spray nozzle
1 x 25° Green spray nozzle
1 x 40° White spray nozzle
1 x Black Detergent nozzle
Frame Galvanised steel with powder coated finish
Weight ~41kg
Dimensions 770 x 500 x 620 mm

1 yr supplier warranty

1 yr worldwide B&S engine warranty

Engines are stored and transported with only enough oil to keep the unit lubricated and additional oil will need to be added before starting. For ease of shipping some assembly is required.



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