Nozzle Set (5pcs)


PRICE: $79.00 (inc GST)

Quick change Q series tip sets include 5 nozzles which make changing between different spray patterns fast. Colour coded nozzles make selection simple for everyone to understand.

Fast Change Pressure Washer Nozzles (5 pce set)

Included in these sets are 5 coloured nozzles designed for use with common 1/4" Q connections. These nozzles are stainless steel outer with a precision machined hardened insert. The detergent nozzle is a single piece brass fabrication.

  • Red offers a 0 degree pencil jet for maximum effect and cleaning.
  • Yellow is 15 degree and offers a tight fan for cleaning heavily stained surfaces.
  • Green is 25 degree and is considered general purpose which is ideal for cleaning larger areas.
  • White offers a 40 degree fan which offer a lighter impact for cleaning.
  • Black is 65 degrees and is offered as a low pressure detergent nozzle ideal for pre-soaking equipment prior to heavy blasting.
Specification SPWSNS
Pressure 4,000 psi (275 bar)
Flow 7.8 - 39 L/min
Max Temperature

60 oC


1/4" Q connection



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