Puddle Sucker Pumps


PRICE: $799.00 (inc GST)

Puddle Suckers, low boys, dry bottoms, these are all industry names for submersible pumps which can pump down to extremely low water levels. These pumps will draw down to only 1mm water depth making them ideal for complete drainage of flat surfaces, basements, car parks and pits.

Single Phase Residue Dewatering Pumps

A puddle sucker pump can be used for general sump and drainage pump out but also has an added feature of being able to draw the fluid level down to extremely low levels, 1mm or less. This is ideal if you're needing to drain a pool to empty for coating repairs or a basement or carpark for painting. Ordinary submersible pumps would leave upwards of 60mm of water in the bottom which can be a considerable volume where as a puddle sucker will virtually eliminate all water.

Paddock™ pumps are known for their exceptional quality and value for money without sacrificing performance.

These pumps are designed such that the discharged water cools the motor preventing overheating and damage at ultra-low liquid levels. They also have specially designed thermal protection which shut the pump down if it does reach a temperature that could cause damage.

Some models offer a directional discharge connection meaning they can discharge vertically for tight pits or horizontally to prevent hose kinking in applications where the water is to be directed off to the side.

Pump Features
  • Max. solid handling 6mm
  • 25mm discharge port
  • Semi-vortex abrasion resistant impeller
  • 5m cable with Australia plug end
  • Flow rates up to 170 L/min
  • Discharge heads to 11m
  • Unique anti-wicking cable entry design
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Twin dual SiC mechanical seals
  • Exceptional quality


Pump Specification SPSP0530N
Manufacture Paddock
Voltage/Frequency 240V Single Phase / 50 Hz
Power 530 Watts
Motor Continuous Duty
Level Control Manual
Flow Rate (max) 170 L/min, 10 m3/hr
Minimum draw down level <1mm
Discharge Head (max) 11m

25mm BSPM, 1" tail

2 bolt fast rotation vertical or horizontal arrangement

Max. Submersion Depth 5 m
Max. Fluid temp. 40 °C
Build in check valve Yes
Compatabile Fluids Water

Max. solid handling 6mm
Approx. Weight 13.5 kg
Approx Dimensions 230 x 230 x 370 mm
Construction Semi vortex impeller

Oil resistant cable

Anti-wicking cable entry

Dual silicon carbide mechanical seals
Warranty 2 yrs



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