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Push Spreader


PRICE: $789.00 (inc GST)

User friendly, walk behind or push style seed and fertiliser spreader. This model is an upgrade on the Paddock SWBS100 model spreader. Featuring a larger hopper capacity and durable stainless steel frame and ring gear drive system. Ideal for dispensing for lawn, home, garden and acreage use. Spread seeds, fertilizers, pellets, grains, sand and more. Designed with simplicity and durability in mind. This is an outdoor product made to be used and stand the test of time.

'Paddock' Walk Behind Seed & Fertiliser Spreader 125Lb

  • Spread grass & lawn seeds, fertiliser, sand, gypsum, lime and pellets
  • Upgraded stainless steel frame and ring gear drive
  • Includes rain cover
  • Adjustable front, rear and side flaps


A quality seed and fertiliser spreader should be in the shed of every home gardener, landscaper and acreage owner. This is versatile lawn and garden accessory capable of dispensing and spreading many types of granules and pellets from seeds to fertilizers and sand. Paddock designs it's spreaders to last, with full UV and weather resistant PP hopper, stainless steel frame and drive gears, puncture resistant tyres, stainless steel fixtures and Nyloc nuts. This is a seeder which will serve you for decades!

Paddock has designed the SWBS125 as an upgrade on the SWBS100 model. The hopper has an additional 6kg holding capacity. Larger pneumatic tyres have been used to prevent compacting soils, dropping into holes / divots and reduce shaking of the seeder over rougher terrain. The frame and drive gears are stainless steel to be more durable especially when working with salts and corrosive granules.

The operation is simple and due to the large tires it is easy to push and maneuver so the spreader can be used by people of all physical abilities. To use the spreader simply fill the hopper with grass seeds, fertiliser etc, start pushing the seeder, then using the conveniently located hand controller, open the slots in the bottom of the hopper to allow the seed to flow. By pushing the spreader the wheels will turn the spreader plate or paddle which distributes the seed or fertiliser. Being a conical hopper it will drain to the bottom dispensing all the contents. Mounted to the rear of the spreader are two stand legs so it will self stand when not in use. The gears in the drive come pre greased and require very limited maintenance. The handle height is adjustable so this spreader can be set up for people of all heights. Soft padded grips make the spreader comfortable and safe to operate.

Specification Value
Capacity 56kg 125Lb
Hopper Volume 60L
Coverage 2500m2
Accessories Weather cover (UV resistant vinyl)
Broadcast Range Up to 5m wide distribution
Flow Rate Adjustable (Hand control)
Maximum speed 8 km/h

Pneumatic puncture resistant

14" Diameter 6" Wide (14"/600-6)


UV resistant polpropylene hopper

Stainless steel frame, gear drive and fixtures

Includes Rain cover included
Warranty 12 Months



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