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Quad Bike Sprayer


PRICE: $499.00 (inc GST)

Heavy duty, ATV and Quad Bike, mounted weed sprayers with rear boom and hand spray nozzle. Easily mount to your four wheeler, ATV or tow behind trailer. Large capacity tanks with inbuilt 12V pump suitable for use with water based weed sprays, herbicides, pesticides and chemicals. Large inspection port and includes spare seals and service kit. The 'Paddock' weed sprayer improves on the popular brands such as Silvan and Selecta.

A 12 Volt sprayer like this has endless applications. Easily mounted to ATVs, quad bikes, four wheel motorcycles, mowers and utilities. The rear boom allows for broad spraying as you ride while the hand held spray nozzle allows you to do spot spraying from on the bike or while walking. Great for spraying for weeds and other pests. The tanks and pump are fully compatible with almost all water based weed sprays, chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Fill with plain water and the ATV sprayer can be used to water plants and trees as well as extinguish spot fires when burning off, particularly around wood fence posts and trees. A great mobile solution to pest and weed treatment for the home, garden, acreage, farm and other agriculture properties. 

The weed sprayer is heavy duty and built to last and designed with Australian conditions in mind. Capable of withstanding operation in the heat and sun. The tank, pump, hosing and components are durable and UV stabilised. The boom and hand nozzle are of stainless steel and PP construction. 

Design wise the tank is low profile to keep a flat weight distribution for rider safety. It has a large inspection port with strainer at the top. This makes it very easy to get inside and clean where necessary. The pump specified for the the weed sprayer is a low noise, 12 volt, diaphragm pump. It is capable of smooth, continuous operation and comes with in built pressure switch. A necessity for such applications so the operator is not required to constantly turn the pump on or off, it will do this automatically whether using the boom spray or hand nozzle.

Specification Value
Tank Capacity 50L or 100L with measuring increments
Flow Rate Up to 6L/min
Operating Pressure 30 - 60 PSI
Pump 12V Diaphragm Pump
Power Cables Included
Spray Lance
Spray Boom Included
Mounting Straps Included
Manufacturer Paddock Machinery
Warranty 12 Months



47 Eagleview Place,
Eagle Farm QLD 4009