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Remote Control Slasher


PRICE: $9,999.00 (inc GST)

The remote controlled slasher by Paddock™ is ideal for mowing slopes and difficult terrain from a distance without exposing the operator to unnecessary risks. The powerful twin motor track drive system combined with a high performance 4-stroke petrol engine gives this unit unprecedented capabilities not seen in other mowers. Paddock makes mowing enjoyable, safe and simple, rather then a chore.

Paddock Remote Controlled Tracked Slasher Mower

Paddock's heavy duty track drive system is combined with a powerful 4-stroke petrol engine and controlled by modern remoted control system making this one of the most versatile mowers on the market. 

  • Powerful 4-stroke petrol engine manages tough terrain
  • Twin 24V motor track drive system delivers stability and traction on slopes
  • 'On the fly' adjustable cutting height
  • 300m operating range and simple remote control operation
  • Heavy duty cutting deck and overall design
RC Mower Applications

Why put yourself at risk mowing slopes and difficult terrain when there's such a simple and practical alternative? The radio controlled slasher by Paddock is not only fast and efficient, it can also travel into areas otherwise difficult to access making mowing your property a breeze. 

Suitable for operation on slopes up to 45 degree incline, users can sit back and relax knowing they're not going to be involved in one of the far to common farming accidents or rollovers that occur in Australia each year. The RC slasher will do the hard work and with it's simple controls, it's quick to master and will power through the most difficult jobs.

Paddock's RC Slasher benefits from a 1m wide (~40") cutting deck as well as a respectable travel speed (~5km/hr) meaning it's also suitable for use on large open flat areas.

For property owners with orchids or fruits trees that might have otherwise been difficult to mow around, users can now steer the RC mower around the base of the tree below the foliage ensuring a neat finish. 

Narrow strips of land or steep banks next to dams are a breeze, the units low center of gravity and tracked drive system means virtually nowhere is off limits.

RC Mower Control and Capability

The Paddock™ RC mower is packed with features including a simple to operate remote control system. The basic controls are handled by two levers. On the left is a forward and reverse control lever while on the right is a left to right steer lever. The advanced control system converts the dual track drives into a more user friendly and intuitive steer system.

Users can select between high and low travel speed via a toggle switch on the remote control. The low speed selector is ideal for slopes and tight terrain requiring greater control and finesse.

The adjustable cutting deck height is also a great feature and again this is controlled via the remote and allows the operator to raise the cutting deck in rough terrain or in longer grass and quickly lower it again where a manicured finish is desired. 

The advanced remote control system allows the operator to maintain control of the mower from distances up to 300m away. In the unlikely event that signal is lost between the mower and it's controller. a protection system activates and stops the units movement. 

Performance 4-stroke Engine

Powered by a Loncin commercial grade, 4-stroke, petrol engine. Loncin engines have been in the Australian market for over 15yrs and are well proven, reliable and supported across the country.  The engine is suitable for commercial use and long running hours under high loads. Electric key start is standard and makes starting a breeze. The 4-stroke design ensures the engine runs smooth and relatively quiet and extremely fuel efficient. Engines meet strict Australian emissions standards.


Paddock's RC slasher is designed to be safe to operate with minimal training and experience necessary. Children should not operate this unit.

An emergency stop button is fitted to the top of each unit which when activated cuts the electrics to the mower and also stops the engine. 

When operating on steep slopes, the operation should always consider what would happen if the mower was to roll over. Users should position themselves on the slope such that there is no risk of being crushed. With an operating distance of up to 300m there's no reason for the operator to be anywhere near a working slasher.  

Mower Specifications
Mower SPRC1002
Cutting Width 1,000mm (~40")


16 hp Petrol 4 Stroke OHV Engine 452cc

Electric start
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 L
Engine Oil Sump Capacity ~1.6L (oil not included)
Control System
24V DC
Drive System
24V Twin Motor Track Drive
Cutting Height


Adjustable via twin electric screws

Travel Speed

Adjustable up to ~5km/hr

High/Low speed selector

Max Operating Angle 45 degrees
Blades 2x Heavy Duty Swing Blades
Control Range ~300m
Control Method Remote Control
Weight ~300kg
Dimensions 1220 x 1160 x 620 mm
Warranty 12 Months



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009