Inline Water Filter


PRICE: $79.00 (inc GST)

Ensure your pressure washer lasts by upgrading your inline water filter to ensure no debris enters your high pressure water pump. These filters are economical and provide another layer of protection to ensure optimal performance from your washer.

Garden Water Filter with 40um Stainless Steel Mesh

These filters easily attach to your home tap or water source and offer a large filter area from a compact unit. The clear PVC bowl allows a quick visual inspection to ensure the internal stainless steel filter element isn't blocking.

These filters are reusable and easy to open and clean. They are rated to 60C water temperatures and are a great addition for anyone running a pressure washer from a residential or commercial water source which has potential to contain debris such as rust, dirt or gravel. 

Your pressure washer runs an expensive high pressure piston pump which is very susceptible to damage from solids and general debris in the supply water. Providing your washer with filtered water is key to a long operating life. Standard filters provided with pressure washers are often small and offer limited protection. This is a upgrade which is ideal for those who really reply on their equipment to always perform at its best.

Specifications SPWGHFF
Mesh Stainless Steel Reusable and Washable
Filter size 40 um
Max Temperature 60 C
Inlet / Outlet 3/4" BSP
Size 93 x 70 x 140 mm



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