Rotating Sewer Cutter Nozzle


PRICE: $1,399.00 (inc GST)

Professional high pressure nozzles for cleaning of difficult to access areas including sewer pipes and drains. These nozzles are oil dampened and are slow rotating for exceptional cleaning and performance.  

42mm Slow Rotating Cleaning and Jetting Nozzle

Designed for high flows, high pressures and larger pipe diameters typically seen in sewer systems and storm water drains.  These nozzles are manufactured from 304 stainless steel and feature dual bearings, rotating stem oil damping along with precision ground tungsten stem and seat for maximum durability and operating life.

The forward facing oscillating nozzle cleans debris from in front of the nozzle as it travels whilst the rear facing nozzles actually propel the nozzle forwards deep into the piping network. The two rear spinning orifices not only propel but also slow the nozzle to ensure an enhanced clean over ordinary nozzles. 

This unit is capable of cutting through grease, soap, sand and tree roots and offers superior performance in difficult situations and jobs. 

Users can vary the oil viscosity to achieve 3 different rotating speeds for different cleaning and performance results.

Specifications SPWSRSN42
Size and Shape 42mm / Round head
Max. Pressure 1,450 - 5,080 psi (100 - 350 bar)
Rotating Speed 100-300 rpm (by adjusting oil viscosity)
Flow 60 - 90 L/min
Max Temperature 60 C
Suites Pipe Sizes 150 - 460 mm
Inlet 1/2"
Nozzles 1 front / 2 rear
Construction 304 Stainless steel / Tungsten stem and seat



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