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Round Bale Transport Trailer


PRICE: $2,749.00 (inc GST)

A heavy duty, round hay bale trailer or hauler by Paddock Machinery. Built for the tough Australian conditions. Rated to 1500kg this trailer will stand the test of time. Ideal for transporting a single round bale around the farm or acreage. High maneuverability gives you access to tight areas and terrains normal trailers couldn't reach. The trailer is easy to load and requires little physical labour as the winch does the lifting for you. Connect to a range of towing vehicles with the standard tow ball hitch, such quad bikes, ATVs, utes and tractors. 

Paddock™ Round Hay Bale Trailer with Winch
  • 1500kg carrying capacity
  • Universal 50mm tow ball hitch
  • Levered tipping mechanism
  • Fast & easy to load
  • Heavy duty trade quality construction
  • Easy Crank winch for bale loading
  • Simple to service and maintain


The Paddock round bale trailer is simple to use, designed to cut down work and increase safety. Attach the trailer to your towing vehicle using the standard 50mm (2") tow ball hitch. When transporting, have the bale cradle winched forward and the spike arms folded in. To load a round bale, back up to the hay bale with the spike arms folded out and position so the wheels are either side of the bale. Swing the bale cradle back towards the bale then push in the spike arms so the spikes fully penetrate the sides of the round bale. Using the winch, crank the bale cradle up onto the trailer. Lock the cradle arm down with the locating pin. You're now ready to transport the round bale!

Paddock Machinery carries a full range of spares and replacement parts for the Paddock round bale trailer through their Australian office and product support is only a click away!

Towing Vehicles:

  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Quad Bikes
  • Four Wheel Motorcycles
  • Utilities / Utes
  • Tractors
  • ....and almost any vehicle with tow ball hitch.


*** This trailer is not for on road use ***

Hay Trailer Model
Brand Paddock™ Machinery
Load Capacity
Wheels 15"
Construction Heavy duty, powder coated steel

Easy Crank winch included

50mm tow ball hitch

Warranty 12 Months



47 Eagleview Place,
Eagle Farm QLD 4009