Drain Cleaner - Drum Type


PRICE: $2,199.00 (inc GST)

Heavy duty Drum Drain Cleaners by Paddock Machinery are ideal for the professional plumber looking to clear blockages in residential buildings from a single compact machine. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use in lavatories, bathrooms and kitchens, the unit is ideal for pipes 32mm to 100mm in diameter.  

Paddock Drum Drain Cleaner

  • Larger capacity with 30m of 12.7mm soft core cable supplied standard
  • Powerful 390w motor achieves speeds up to 250 rpm
  • Auto feed makes setup, operation and pack up a breeze. 
  • Ideal for clearing pipes 32mm to 100mm diameter
  • Includes 4 cutting and unblocking tools
Drum Drain Pipe Cleaner

Drum type drain cleaners are ideal for clearing pipes up to 100mm. The drum neatly holds the coiled cable making for a easy to transport and operate solution. Negatives to other drum machines are overcome with the Paddock unit thanks to the increased drive power and larger capacity drum. This unit comes standard with 30m of 1/2" coiled wire cable meaning deep blockages can still be accessed with this incredibly versatile machine. The unit runs heavy duty 16mm cutting heads which make sort work of blockages.

These units are ideal for plumbers and maintenance companies looking after apartments and multi-dwelling complexes. Fast and simple to use, they will quickly pay for themselves. 

Drain Cleaner Construction and Features

Paddock Machinery only use the highest quality components when building their drain cleaners. Larger industrial motors ensure more torque and higher operating speeds. Power is key when it comes to spinning a long shaft down a complex pipe network and Paddock deliver in this area with class leading power and performance. 

The shafts used are heat treated with a higher strength inner core which resists kinking and twisting. Additionally shafts are treated to resist corrosion meaning a longer operating life and greater overall performance.

Solid wheels ensures no flats and means these units can be transported up and down staircases with ease. The totally enclosed drum not only makes for safer option, it also means a clean and orangised work environment.   

Drum Drain Pipe Cleaner Specifications
Recommended Pipes 32mm - 100mm up to 30m in length
Power 0.38 kW, 240v, 50Hz

up to 250 RPM 

Auto feed 5m/min

Controls  Clutch and Brake in single lever action with air foot switch
Cable Sizes

30m x 12.7mm (1/2")

Compatible with 10mm (3/8") cable

Cable Included 30m of 12.7mm
Cutting Tools Included

4 x 16mm drill tools

Bulb auger, Retrieving auger, Grease cutter, saw-tooth cutter

Warranty  1 Yr
Weight ~80 kg loaded



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