Sludge Water Pump Kit

SKU: SFT10050

PRICE: $349.00 (inc GST)

Convert your existing pressure washer into a highly effective sludge sucking pump kit.  The specialise design uses a venturi action to pump liquid waste without moving parts which can block or jam. Ideal for the fast transfer of dirty fluids which are otherwise difficult to pump.

Sludge Pump Kit for Pressure Washers

Constructed from robust plastic materials, these sludge pumping kits can be retrofitted to your existing pressure washer and be used to transfer difficult, dirty fluids. Ideal for cleaning and pumping out sumps, cattle troughs, pits and drains after your pressure washing operation. 

The unit works by converting your pressure washers outlet flow into a powerful syphon or venturi type pump. This means there are no moving parts in the pump itself making it very robust and resistant against blockage or damage when pumping dirty fluids.

As the sludge pump doesn't use a typical electric motor, there is no risk of the pump running dry and overheating, meaning it can be used to pump pits and basements to a low level which might otherwise not be possible with a typical submersible pump. 

Sludge Pump Flow Rates

Users can expect approximately 18 times their pressure washers flow rate out of the sludge pump. So for example, if you washer generates 17 L/min, when coupled to the sludge pump you can transfer at ~300 L/min.

The pump has a hose tail fitting outlet to accept a 1-1/2" hose. It is suppled with a QD plug fitting for quick connection to your pressure washer lance.

Specifications SFT10050
Max. Recommended Pressure 4,000 psi (275 bar)
Pressure Washer Design Flow ~17 L/min
Max Temperature 90 °C
Inlet 1/4" female BSP w/ 1/4" QD plug fitting
Hose tail connection (outlet) 1-1/2" hose tail
Hose 5m of 1-1/2" hose included



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