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Spike Aerator


PRICE: $879.00 (inc GST)

A rugged tow behind lawn aerator by Paddock Machinery. Based on a fluid filled drum with spikes, this aerator is a great ATV and quad bike implement for the landscaper and home gardener. Use with a range of vehicles from ride on mowers to quad bikes, four wheelers and ATVs. Easy to set up and use, air your soils and grass quickly and effortlessly.

'Paddock' Tow Behind Drum Spike Aerator

  • Tow with ATVs, Quad Bikes, Ride-on Mowers
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Ideal for lawns, gardens, golf courses, acreages, crops, landscaping


The Paddock Machinery tow behind lawn aerator is designed to be pulled by small vehicles such as all terrain vehicles (ATVs), quad bikes, four wheel motorcycles, ride on mowers, Gators and the likes. Attachment is simple via the standard clevis style hitch and pin. However, the spike aerator can also be adapted with a tow ball hitch with minimal effort. 

Aerating your lawn, grass and soil allows air, water, nutrients, fertilizer and seed to reach sub surface depths and in particular the grass roots. Alleviating compaction in the soil allows the roots to grow deeper providing a thicker, healthier lawn and grass. The penetration depth provided by the lawn aerator is ideal for this type of application.


Lawn Aerator Specification SRSA36 SRSA60
Load Capacity ~140 kgs ~200 kgs
Working Width 36"  91cm 60" 150cm
Overall Width 40"  102cm 64" 162cm
Number of spikes 78 126
Construction Heavy duty steel, black powdercoat finish Heavy duty steel, black powdercoat finish
Water Capacity 90 L 120 L
Max. Aeration Depth 7 cm 7 cm
Hitch Type Clevis hitch with pin Clevis hitch with pin
Brand Paddock Machinery Paddock Machinery
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months



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