Home garden & Acreage

Spreader & Spike Aerator


PRICE: $529.00 (inc GST)

A great implement for home, garden and acreage use. Tow behind your ride on mower, quad bike or other vehicle. Multifunction and can seed, fertilise and aerate the soil at once. Full adjustability for spike height and seed flow gives flexibility for your application. Built by 'Paddock' to the high quality and exceptional standards we've grown to trust.

  • use to distribute and spread seeds, fertilizers, lime, gypsum, sand
  • also aerates the soil
  • tow behind quad bikes, four wheelers, ATVs and ride on mowers
'Paddock' Spreader Applications

This spreader, aerator combo is designed for home garden, landscaping and small acreage use. It's 50Kg capacity will give good coverage. Designed to be towed at low speeds behind ride on lawn mowers, quad bikes, ATVs and four wheelers.

'Paddock' Seeder / Soil Aerator Operation

Very simple to use, fill the hopper with your seed, fertiliser or other product. Set the seed flow rate using the handle mounted on the hitch shaft. Set the height of the spikes. Hitch to you mower, ATV, quad bike or other vehicle using the clevis hitch and pin. The unit is un-powered, the turning spikes from being towed spins the internal seed distribution shaft. 

Spreader construction

Well constructed to withstand ongoing use on rough terrain and designed to be vibration resistant. The wheels are solid rubber to avoid the possibility of puncture. An oversize axle reduces the chance of bending or failure with heavy loads. The tubular steel frame is light weight yet strong, finished with a black powdercoat. A polyethylene, UV stabilised hopper won't rust or degrade in the elements.

Attaching to the seeder

The implement utilises a standard style clevis hitch with clevis pin and securing Cotter's pin. Ideal for use with ride on mowers, ATVs and quad bikes.

'Paddock' Seeder Specifications

Tow Behind Spreader & Spike Aerator




~3000 square meters

Seed Flow


Spread width


Frame Construction

Steel with black powder coat

Hopper Construction

Rust proof, UV & weather resistant polyethylene

Axle Rigid 3/4" steel
Spikes 9x 8" spikes with 7 spikes each
Spike Depth up to 50mm
Wheels 2x 9" x 1.75" hard solid rubber (not pneumatic)
Drive Manual
Attachment / Linkage Clevis hitch
Hitch Length 45cm
Brand Paddock Machinery
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009