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Spill Pallets


PRICE: $849.00 (inc GST)

Spill control pallets are ideal for the safe storage of drums, containers and some IBC's. The heavy duty poly construction is UV stabilised, chemical resistant and easy to move around your warehouse or yard. These are a quality product at a reasonable price that can save a costly spill to your business.

Containment Bunded Pallet

The heavy duty poly construction from these spill pallets makes them ideal for the safe storage of workshop drums containing oils, diesel, petrol, AdBlue and other chemicals. Safe storage of chemicals and fuels is key for meeting workplace environmental regulations. These units are strong enough to hold 1,000L IBCs.

Paddock know the Australian sun is harsh so add additional UV stabilisers during the manufacturing process to ensure a final product that lasts. Beware of cheap imitations that can be thin and go brittle.

These units are easy to relocate due to the molded forklift tine slots on all four sides. The top decking is removeable in sections which makes clean up if a spill does occur simple. A bottom bung is also present for if rain water collects and needs to be drained. 

Spill Pallet Features:
  • Fully molded construction from UV stabilised, high quality raw materials ensures a longer operating life in harsh conditions
  • Easy to relocate with forklift tine slots
  • Tough poly construction eliminates seams, welds, cracking and corrosion
  • Bottom drain bung
  • Sectional top plate design make for easy clean out
  • 3 yr warranty


Spill bunds are necessary if you're storing any fluids in your garage, shop or business. If a drum was to leak the contents will drain into the bund saving a messy clean up and limiting environmental exposure. 

Specification SSPILL4 SPILL6 SPILL8
Design Basis 4 x 205L drums 4 x 205L Drums or 1 x 1000L IBC 2 x 1000L IBC
Liquid Spill Capacity 240 L 1,200 L 1,800 L
Load bearing capacity 2,700 kg 1,500 kg 3,000 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1300 x 1300 x 300mm 1680 x 1680 x 750mm 2340x1300x750mm
~35 kg
~55 kg ~110 kg
Drain bung
Yes  Yes Yes
Forklift moveable


Yes Yes
UV Stabilised Yes Yes Yes
3 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs



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