Long Reach Lance


PRICE: $439.00 (inc GST)

Ideal for pressuring washing at elevations this telescopic extension wand allows up to 5.4m of reach which makes it perfect for cleaning eves, roofs, gutters and high walls and ceilings.   

Long Reach 18ft Telescoping Wand 

These extension wands are excellent for cleaning in hard to reach places. With up to 5.4m of telescoping length it makes it perfect for cleaning high gutters, walls and eves. Perfect for pressure washing and paint removal preparation. Attach a gutter cleaning nozzle or turbo nozzle and reach areas without needing to get on a ladder. 

This unit is constructed from quality aluminum components and features a high flow trigger gun assembly ensuring pressure is maintained right up until the final nozzle you decide to fit. The unit comes with a body harness which helps the operator maintain control when operating at full extension.

Connecting pressure washer hose or fittings:

The extension wand has a 3/8" quick connect (male) fitting on the inlet which suits most pressure washer hoses. If required, additional fittings can be fitted to change the inlet to suit other hose types. See our list of fittings.

The outlet on the extension wand is a 1/4" female quick connect and suits our range of nozzles. However, this can be unscrewed and a range of other fittings screwed in to suit your nozzles or attachments.

Specifications SPWTWB18
Max. Pressure 4,000 psi (275 bar)
Max Temperature 60 oC
Extension Length 5.4m / 18 ft

3/8" Quick Connect (male)


1/4" Quick Connect (female)


Trigger Gun Assembly

Belt harness



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