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Tow Behind Sprayer


PRICE: $599.00 (inc GST)

Paddock brand, tow behind sprayer with inbuilt pump, boom spray and hand held spot nozzle. Attach to ATVs, quad bikes, four wheelers and ride on mowers using the tow hitch. Great for a variety of uses from spraying weeds, dispensing fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides, even extinguishing spot fires when back burning. Safe and easy to operate. Don't waste your time or hurt your back with spray back packs and hand held weed sprayers.

The tow behind ATV weed sprayer is modeled off the Scintex rear mounted sprayer. It incorporates the same heavy duty, UV stabilised 60L chemical tank mounted on a rugged tow hitch trailer. The trailer frame also allows mounting of the boom spray. A quality, 12V pump is included to transfer the herbicide or liquid you're pumping. The pump includes an external pressure switch which automatically controls the pump based on demand. The tires are puncture resistant and designed to handle tough offroad use, however, if a puncture is sustained then the parts are readily available. Included with the tow behind sprayer kit is a service pack including spare nozzles, seals and hose clamps. Scintex can also supply parts for these weed sprayers where required. A low maintenance ATV weed sprayer with many uses from spraying weeds, herbicides, insecticides to spraying spot fires or watering plants. Designed for Australian conditions with farmers, graziers, home gardeners and landscapers in mind.


Specification Value
Tank Capacity 60L with measuring increments
Flow Rate Up to 6L/min
Operating Pressure 30 - 60 PSI
Pump 12 Volt Continuous Duty Diaphragm Pump with high quality external pressure switch
Speed Up to 10kph
Power Cables 5m with alligator clips
Hose Length 5m with hand spray nozzle
Hose Diameter 8mm internal
Boom length 153cm
Spray Nozzles 4 nozzles on the boom
Spray Reach Up to 6m
Mounting Use 2x straps up to 35mm wide

2x pneumatic, puncture resistant tyres with sealed bearings

Size: 15" 4.00-8"

Features Drainage port. Large inspection port with strainer. Pressure pump with switch. Service kit included.
Warranty 12 Months



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009