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Tractor Forestry Mulcher


PRICE: $16,799.00 (inc GST)

The Paddock Forestry Mulcher is the ideal tractor attachment for clearing brush, shrubs, trees and overgrown bush from your property. The mulcher uses the tractor's PTO to deliver a powerful and highly destructive rotating drum with hammer teeth that cut through forestry. As the name implies, left behind is organic mulch which biodegrades and helps improve soil quality. 

Tractor PTO Forestry Mulcher

  • Ideally suited to 70-110hp Tractors
  • Extremely heavy duty design
  • Capable of cutting though trees and also stump grinding
  • 1800mm working width
  • 1 yr warranty

The Paddock™ Forestry Mulcher is powered by the tractor's Power Take Off (PTO) as well as auxiliary hydraulic connections. The unit is built around a destructive rotating drum. Fitted to the drum are 32 hammer teeth which smash and grind the vegetation they contact. 

This implement is ideal for clearing thick bush and brush. Trees up to ~200mm diameter can be fell and ground to mulch.  Standing stumps can also be ground down level with the ground.

The unit features a hydraulically actuated rear flap that can be opened or closed depending on the service. With the flap open, the drum and hammer teeth are exposed to maximise contact with the vegetation. The flap can be closed for more general ground mulching with less flying debris or where a particular stump is to be ground. 

How to use the Forestry Mulcher

The ideal installation of this mulcher is to a multi-directional tractor where the operator can rotate their seating position and drive the tractor facing the implement to do Push-work. With the PTO engaged and the flap open, the mulching drum is a destructive force that can be driven directly into bush and standing trees. The mulcher can also be used with a common single direction tractor however the operator will need to reverse into the scrub and look over their shoulder which is slightly less convenient.

For finishing work the implement does Pull-work. The rear trap door is closed to retain more of the vegetation inside the mulcher for longer, which achieves a finer mulch.

Using a combination of pushing and pulling, operators can quickly and efficiently clear and mulch large sections of bush and brush.

Forestry Mulcher Construction

Extreme duty and construction is an understatement for this attachment. It's built for hard work with all aspects of the design over-engineered. A massive gearbox transfers the PTO shaft power out to a belt and pulley arrangement that spins the main drum. The unit uses 6 power drive belts to ensure constant transfer of power without compromise.

Fitted to the drum are bolt on, heavy duty tungsten carbide steel hammer teeth. These teeth perform extremely well and are also durable for the harsh operating environment. Materials like tungsten carbide are used in some of the world's most demanding services such as excavator teeth and road resurfacing machines meaning the teeth won't wear quickly like an ordinary farming mower.

Tractor Setup

Forestry mulching can be extremely dangerous with many opportunities for flying debris as well as the threat of falling timber from trees and limbs dropping on the tractor's cab. Included in the user manual is guidance and recommendations of additional polycarbonate as well as steel mesh material that should be installed outside your tractor's cab.

Your tractor will need rear auxiliary hose connections to maximise the functionality of this implement. Hydraulics are used to open and close the flap for different operating techniques this mulcher uses.

Forestry Mulcher Specifications
Brand Paddock™ Machinery
Three Point Linkage Cat. II
Suits Tractors
70 - 110 HP


Bolt on Tungsten Carbide Steel hammer teeth


540 rpm or 1000 rpm

Clockwise rotation required

PTO shaft included 1-3/8" 6 Spline

Grinding Diameter

Hydraulic hoses

PTO shaft

Requires Tractor with rear hydraulic connections for swing function
Weight ~890 kg
Warranty 12 Months



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