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Tractor Hay Rakes


PRICE: $1,999.00 (inc GST)

The Paddock designed and manufactured wheel rake, also known as a finger wheel or pin wheel rake, is an affordable option for farmers and acreage owners to rake hay, grasses, foliage, chaff, straw and other crops into rows. A uniform and fluffy row is created which allows for faster more effective drying. The Paddock tractor hay rakes are versatile and can be used in a range of applications.  Simple, yet robust, the finger wheels are driven by the crop / ground which makes the Paddock wheel rake an economical option without compromising performance.

Tractor Finger Wheel Hay Rakes

  • Require minimal adjustment
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple, reliable and proven design
  • Two or four wheel options
  • Requires low horsepower
  • PTO and hydraulics not required
  • Suits Category I tractors
  • Made to last! Heavy duty construction
  • Cover large areas quickly and efficiently

Compatibility - The Paddock wheel rakes will fit a large range of tractors and are generally universal among Category 1 tractors. Customers are running the Paddock wheel rakes on all your big name tractors including Case, John Deere, Kubota and Massey Ferguson, to name a few.

The tractor wheel rake is very simple with few moving parts making it a reliable, effective rake while keeping purchase costs down. Maintenance is minimal compared to other rake types. As the finger wheels are spun using the crop and ground, no hydraulics or PTO are required meaning almost any category 1 tractor can run this implement. The horsepower requirements are also drastically reduced.

The Paddock wheel hay rakes are used to rake hays, grasses, straws and other cut produce into rows. Formed rows can be left to dry or can be collected and baled. Being a versatile implement it can also be used for dethatching lawns or park lands to improve grass growth and soil aeration.

Operation of the rake is simple. With the rake fitted to the 3 point linkage of your tractor the large arm turns from the turning to rowing position. Moving the tractor forward, the two large wheels are ground driven. The high speed spinning of the wheels allows the wheel fingers to throw the hay or crop into a row on one side. Repeating up and down the field will give a series of rows ready for drying, collection or baling. Once finished the rake is easily removed - it can also be dismantled and stored at the end of the season.

Paddock Machinery carries a full range of spares and replacement parts for the wheel rakes through their Australian office and product support is only a click away!

These tractor wheel rakes are ideal for use with the Paddock Mini Baler.

Tractor Hay Baler Mini Baler by Paddock Machinery

Tractor Wheel Rake SPTSR2W SPTSR4W
Tractor Hitch Category 1, 3 Point Linkage Category 1, 3 Point Linkage
Number of Wheels
Two Four
Number of Fingers 80 per wheel 80 per wheel
Wheel Diameter 150cm 150cm
Working Width
Operating Speed 3 - 12 kph 3 - 12 kph
Operating Efficiency
up to 20,000 m/hr  up to 40,000 m/hr
Power Crop / ground driven Crop / ground driven
Maintenance Grease fittings
Grease fittings
Construction Heavy duty, steel construction Heavy duty, steel construction
Certification CE Certified, ISO9001:2000 CE Certified, ISO9001:2000
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years



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