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Tractor Log Grapple


PRICE: $2,999.00 (inc GST)

The tractor log grapple by Paddock™ is a must have implement if you're clearing trees on a farm and regularly collecting fire wood. The grapple makes it fast and convenient to pick, lift and drag logs. The hydraulic pivot and powered tines allow for precise picking, gripping and lifting of logs and branches.

Paddock Machinery - Tractor Implements - Post Hole Digger

Tractor Hydraulic Log Grapple

  • Functional and reliable
  • Suits logs sizing 75mm to 965mm diameter
  • Hydraulic pivot and hydraulic tines makes log selection simple
  • Lift 700 kg
  • 1 Yr warranty
3 Point Linkage Grapple

Without the right equipment, log handling can be difficult and dangerous. The log grapple by Paddock™ alleviates associated log handling risks by providing a simple to operate implement that's extremely capable.

The grapple utilises the tractor's rear hydraulic connections as well as the lifting function of your 3-point linkage.

The grapple is rotated by a hydraulic pivot which means you can back up to a log and position the grapple for optimal selection. Lower the grapple tines using the 3-point linkage and once positioned, close the powerful hydraulic tines around the log. Raise the entire log or just one end of it using your tractor's rear linkage lift.

The log grapple is ideal for saw mill operators, farmers with heavily timbered land and those who simply collect fire wood for the winter and need a convenient way to pick and transport it back to the homestead. It's simple to use, yet extremely capable in it's function.

By grappling the log at its end, the log can be dragged without doing significant trenching damage to your roads and trails. The log naturally trails behind the tractor as a trailer would, which allows access and movement in tight areas. For logs up to 700kg, the grapple is able to lift centrally so they can be loaded onto trailers in some cases.

The wide grapple tines are also well suited to gripping brush which can be helpful when sections of scrub need to be cleared.

Log Grapple Construction

The grapple is robust and built for the task it performs. Heavy steel is welded with bracing in key areas to strengthen the unit. The grapple has a rated lift capacity of 700kg which is ample when you consider that for most large logs you only need to lift one end slightly before it can be dragged.

Post Hole Digger Specifications
Brand Paddock™ Machinery
Three Point Linkage Cat. I
Suits Tractors
25 - 45 HP
Max. Lift Capacity 700 kg
Suits Logs Sized
75mm - 965mm diameter
Grapple Rotation
180 degrees via hydraulics
Grapple Actuation
Grapple Open Pressure
2900 psi
Grapple Close Pressure 4350 psi
114 kg
1040mm (L) x 737mm (W) x 813mm (H)
4 x hydraulic hoses to connect to tractor
Warranty 12 Months



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