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Tractor PTO Generator


PRICE: $2,995.00 (inc GST)

These heavy duty PTO driven generators, by Paddock Machinery, are ideal for the farmer wanting to operate power tools, welders and electric pumps in remote paddocks. They're fully featured with both single and 3-phase output options making them extremely versatile. Mounted on a heavy steel frame and coupled to a robust speed multiplier gearbox these units will impress. 

Paddock PTO Tractor Generator
  • 15 kW or 30 kW models available
  • Suitable for use with Cat I tractors
  • Attaches to 3 point linkage setup
  • Includes PTO shaft and pins


PTO Generator Applications

These generators are perfect for small or large farms and quickly and easily attaches to your tractor making transport a breeze. The heavy duty frame allows for fast trouble free deployment. The perfect addition to anyone needing to weld or drill fences down the back paddock. Utilise the power of your tractors PTO and generate clean power from your diesel engine. Save on petrol generator costs by letting your reliable diesel tractor make the power. Great for remote lighting setups or running temporary pumping operations. Even a backup generator for the farm house.

Generator Features

These generators are packed with usable and practical features making them simple, modern and reliable. The generators come with both singe phase and 3-phase power outlets making them very accommodating to a range of applications.  Included is a digital voltage and frequency meter so you can monitor the units performance. They also include re-settable circuit breakers in case you do overload an outlet. Each generator is supplied with the PTO input shaft so no need to buy extra components.

Generator Construction

These are heavy duty generators designed for Australian outback conditions. Weighing in at over 150kg (300kg for the 30kW model) these generators are well over-designed. The unit includes a cast steel cased gearbox with straight cut gears designed to take the high horsepower inputs of modern tractors. Machined hardened steel shafts and quality bearings ensure a long low maintenance operating life. 

The generator itself incorporates high grade copper windings and fully enclosed electrics ensuring safe, trouble free operation. The brush-less generator design means fewer parts to ever need replacing.  

Generator Linkage and Compatibility

Standard three point linkage (3PL) for Category 1 (Cat I) tractors with a PTO speed of 540 RPM.

PTO Generator Specifications
Rated Power 15 kW 30 kW
Tractor Power Range 15hp+ 25hp+
Power Phase  Single and 3-phase outlets
PTO Speed   540 RPM
Generator Speed 3000 RPM 1500 RPM
Linkage  Cat I - Three Point Tractor Linkage
Features  Digital Voltage and Frequency meter
Construction  Heavy duty, painted steel
Gear Box Oil  SAE90
PTO Input Shaft  Included
Weight ~155 kg ~300 kg
Dimensions 660 (w) x 660 (l) x 880 (h) mm 1030 (w) x 750 (l) x 1150 mm (h)



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009