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PTO Slasher w/ Orbital Side Cutter


PRICE: $6,999.00 (inc GST)

A newly designed mower by Paddock™ incorporates a swing arm mounted UFO blade, best suited for fence line mowing, cutting around trees such as in orchards and vineyards. Built to withstand the riggers of the Australian environment with quality components and heavy-duty construction, this PTO tractor mower will be the envoy of your neighbours.

PTO Driven Tractor Implement Finishing Mower Vineyard Cutter
  • Intuitive floating disc design for cutting around obstacles.
  • Heavy-duty, built for Australian conditions.
  • Adjustable mowing heights.
  • Hydraulic side shift for offset mowing
  • Low maintenance.
  • Special designed swing arm swivel blade, for fence post mowing and other specialised mowing. 
  • 3 point linkage Cat I
Mowing around trees, fence posts and solar panels

Paddock™ developed the perfect swing arm mower to make mowing around tree trunks, hedges and vines a breeze without damaging the obstacle in question. The unit utilises a rubber wheel on a UFO swing arm which rotates and deflects the swinging arm and its cutting blade away from any obstacles it contacts. As soon as the spring-ram loaded swinging arm passes the obstacle, it automatically returns to its original position. The simple design allows for mowing under fences and right up to trees and posts from the comfort of your tractor.

PTO Mower Compatibility / Hydraulic Side Shift

This implement is designed for tractors running a 540 RPM PTO speed which is the most common for Cat I & II tractors. It's ideally suited for tractors up to 50hp although higher HP tractors can be used with a recommendation of incorporating a slip clutch in the PTO shaft.Modifications to the linkage and pins may be required.

To utilise the hydraulic side shift functionality, your tractor will need to be fitted with rear hydraulic connections. Side shifting the mower allows it to run closer to fence lines and trees without needing to run the tractor in compromising locations.The hydraulic side shift functionality does not need to be used for this implement to operate and users can leave this disconnected if they wish.

Finishing Mower Cut Quality

Finishing style mowers are considered to deliver one of the best quality finishes as they use a system of multiple shorter horizontal blades which rotate at high RPM. Unlike a slasher with longer blades, the finishing mower delivers a cleaner cut and is better at mulching the clippings as it works. Finishing mower are fantastic for high traffic areas, public use areas and general tidy finish work. As the unit is PTO driven, the tractors high hp engine still delivers ample power to undertake cutting in heavily grassed areas where other mowers might bog down.

PTO Tractor Flail Mower Specifications
Tractor Flail Mower SMF180HS
Cutting Width 210cm 
Cutting Height 30mm - 75mm
Ideal Power 25 - 50 HP tractor
Deck thickness 4mm
No. of Blades 8
Blade Material Zinc forged hammer blades
Wheels Non puncture, solid rubber 8"(D) x 3" (W)
Construction Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, 1/8" deck thickness
Linkage 3 Point Linkage - Cat I (Cat I pins supplied)
Weight 330kg
Dimensions 2200mm(L) x 1980mm(W) x 740mm(H)
Greasable Bearings SKF spindle and gearbox bearings
PTO Shaft Included with safety slip clutch
PTO Drive Speed 540 rpm
Warranty 12 Month Australian Warranty

Note: Requires greasing of grease nipples and gearbox oil prior to operation. To reduce the storage and shipping size the mower will require some simple assembly before use.



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