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Tractor PTO Spreader


PRICE: $3,189.00 (inc GST)

High quality, heavy duty seed and fertiliser spreader. For use with Category 1 tractors with standard 540 RPM PTO shaft outputs. Made to withstand harsh Australian conditions, with a UV and corrosion resistant stainless steel hopper. A spread radius up to 12m means large areas can be quickly covered with a consistent distribution of product. Product flow is easily adjusted using the adjustment handles. Seed or fertilizer is spread by the paddles rotated by the PTO shaft. Simplicity and quality components make this seeder a cut above the rest. 

Tractor PTO Spreader 600L

  • Suits CAT I tractors
  • Standard 540rpm input
  • Twin flow control levers for fine adjustment
  • Made to last! Heavy duty construction
  • Cover large areas quickly and efficiently
  • Ideal for spreading grass seeds and fertilisers on farms, properties and acreages
  • Maintenance free gearbox!

Compatibility - The Paddock tractor spreaders will fit a large range of tractors and are generally universal among Category 1 tractors. Customers are running these seed and fertiliser spreaders on all your big name tractors including Case, John Deere and Massey Ferguson, to name a few.

The Paddock Machinery PTO spreaders incorporate two flow control levers. A course adjustment lever with 10 positions located on the PTO spreader. A second cable operated control lever can be mounted in the tractor and has fine movements allowing for great seed or fertiliser flow control. Both levers include adjusting nuts so full open and full closed positions can be set. The spreading paddles are adjustable to 5 different angles per paddle, allowing great control over how the product is spread.

Designed to be low maintenance. The PTO spreader has a sealed, service free gearbox. Control cables require occasional light oiling along with the standard greasing of PTO shafts and nipples. Other components are designed maintenance free. The high quality, stainless steel hopper is designed to last and isn't damaged by UV light and is corrosion resistant for use with fertilisers and salts.

Paddock Machinery carries a full range of spares and replacement parts for the spreaders through their Australian office and product support is only a click away!

Tractor PTO Seed Fertiliser Spreader

Tractor Seeder Model PTPTOS600L
Hopper Volume 600L
Hopper Material Stainless Steel (Grade 201)
Tractor Linkage 3 Point Linkage Cat I
Gearbox Power 20 - 55 HP
PTO Speed 540 RPM
Tractor Speed 0 to 15 kph
PTO Shaft Standard 6 spline PTO shaft
Spreading Mechanism 4 paddles (adjustable to 5 angles)
Flow Adjustment Two flow control levers. Course & fine adjustment.
Materials spread Granular products, seeds, fertilisers, fine sands
Spread diameter 2 to 12 meters
Net Weight 115kg (empty)
Includes PTO Shaft. Cat I pins.
Warranty 2 Years



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