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Tractor PTO Wood Chipper


PRICE: $6,599.00 (inc GST)

Paddock's™ PTO driven wood chippers are designed for the Australian farmer. These are heavy duty chippers with models to suit tractors of all sizes with 3 point linkage. Compact, easy to use, and a self-feeding hoppers. Each chipper provides a seamless chipping and mulching experience with the mobility of your tractor.

PTO Shaft Driven Tractor Wood Chipper

Powered by your tractor's PTO, power is transferred straight into chipping and shredding. The self-feed hopper automatically pulls the branches in as it processes materials, reducing operator interaction with the feed chute.

  • PTO driven offers great power
  • Heavy-duty over-engineered fly wheel
  • CNC construction built for continuous chipping operation
  • Hardened tool grade steel knives on flywheel
  • Process large branches with ease
  • Large feed chutes speed up processing
  • 360 degree rotating discharge chute
  • Built with Paddock's stringent quality control
  • Replaceable wear components
  • Paddock 12 month warranty
Practical Mobile Chipper

Harness the power and reliability of your diesel engine tractor. These chippers convert messy debris into a valuable resource with ease. Engineered to be efficient, reliable, safe, easy to use and portable. Using the tractors standard PTO you will easily be able to chip old trees, branches and other bush debris.

The SPTOWC160 model comes with a simple and effective automatic feeding hopper design which pulls branches into the chipper without the need for a hydraulic feeder. The automatic feeder design makes chipping much faster and safer as the operator does not need to spend time forcing branches into the chute.

The PHDPTOCHIP model includes a hydraulic double arm feeder which requires the tractor to have auxiliary hydraulic connections. This feeder system is ideally suited to the size of this chipper and ensures constant feed of large materials.

Relocation of your wood chipper and General Safety

The beauty of a PTO chipper is there is no trailer to maintain and hitch each time you want to move to areas of fresh feed stock. With the unit mounted to your tractor, you can quickly deploy over rough terrain and get close to the materials saving the back strain of carrying branches.

The chipper is powered by your tractors diesel engine meaning there are no additional engines to service. These chippers are perfect for the farmer and make light work of big tidy up jobs.

When using your chipper, be sure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment and this includes gloves, face shield, helmet and hearing protection. Avoid wearing loose fitting clothing. When feeding the chute there is no need to get too close and rather rely on the automatic feeder to drawn in the materials. These units have been designed such that when used as per the provided safety instructions, they are very safe to operate.

Heavy Duty Mulching Chipper

When the jobs get larger and the wood older and harder, you need larger Flywheels and better build quality. The Paddock range offers exceptional quality and huge mulching capacities. Achieving the same performance from a chipper with a onboard engine would cost 10x as much. Utilising your tractors PTO makes so much sense and offers exceptional value for money meaning everyone can now own their own high performance chipper.

Driveline and General Maintenance

When working on your farm, flexibility is a requirement for general farm work. So the hardware needs to suit. These units are supplied with telescopic PTO shafts to allow use across multiple tractor sizes. A tubular guard encloses the driving components ensuring safety to the operator.

Grease nipples on the chipper make lubrication simple and with no engine to maintain this is a piece of equipment you'll really appreciate owning with very little to service and maintain.

Heavy duty chipping blades are replaceable and can also be removed to allow home sharpening with an angle grinder or similar when they do dull. Having the high input power of your tractors diesel engine means the unit is less dependent on razor sharp blades like in some of your cheaper chippers.

Paddock™ Chipper Applications:
  • General property maintenance
  • Hire and Rental businesses
  • Flooding debris cleanup
  • Construction
  • Farm work mulching and shredding
  • Councils / Shires
  • Block work
  • Paths, lane-ways, driveways, gutters


Specifications SPTOWC160 PHDPTOCHIP
Drive Type Tractor PTO Tractor PTO
Tractor Cat Cat I/II Cat II/III
Suits Tractor 30-100 HP min. 90HP
PTO Speed 540 540
Feeder Automatic self feeder design

Hydraulic double arm feeder with forward/neutral/reverse and multiple speed settings.

Requires tractor to have auxiliary hydraulic connections.

Max Dia. Of Wood Feed 150mm (6") 300mm (12")
Flywheel diameter 762mm (30") 1080mm (42-1/2")
Number of Flywheel Blades 4 4
Chipper Housing Opening 165mm x 254mm (6.5" x 10") 304mm x 406mm (12"x16")
PTO Shaft
Included Included
Dimensions with hopper folded 1270 (L) x 1321 (W) x 1880 (H) mm 1778 (L) x 1676(W) 2388(H) mm
Discharge Hood Height 1880 mm 2337 mm
Weight 350kg 995 kg
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months



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