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PRICE: $3,519.00 (inc GST)

The Paddock™ range of rotary tillers are built strong for Australian conditions. The PTO driven tiller is used for 'tilling' or turning over soil prior to planting. Tilling helps to aerate soil as well as improve drainage. These units are ideal for mixing in fertilisers and improving your soil quality. Designed and manufactured by Paddock™ Machinery to the highest quality standards.

Tractor PTO Rotary Cultivator Tiller

  • Options to suit tractors in the 12-80 HP range
  • Massive 2,100mm tilling width on some models
  • Highest quality, extreme duty gearboxes
  • Premium build quality and fixtures used throughout
  • Paddock™ Australian warranty

The Paddock™ range of tractor PTO driven tillers are designed to perform and make life simple. The designs are extremely well proven with more than 15yrs of field service and refinement that ensures you're getting a unit that's built to last.

Tillers are used to break new ground as well as improve the quality of existing farming land. Tillers do a great job of mixing in fertilisers as well as aerating soils and improving soil drainage. Using a tractor PTO driven tiller is fast and effortless. Utilise the tractor's powerful engine to till your farming land.

The tiller tines rotate, disrupt and turn over the soil with some models reaching soil depths of 130mm. Adjustments can easily be made to change the tilling depth.

The Paddock™ range of tillers are ideal for the preparation of seedbeds for a range of farming industries. They can be used with vineyards and orchards and will help to improve overall yield.

Quality Construction and Components

Paddock™ tillers are laser cut from steel plate and utilise a tab and weld design for the highest manufacturing accuracy and strength. Beware of cheap knock offs in the market that claim quality, but quickly fall down to the trained eye and regular use.

Another key difference is the gearboxes used in Paddock™ tillers. These are extremely over-engineered and their performance is faultless, Having a quality power train is fundamental to equipment operating reliably in harsh farming conditions.

SPTILL135 - Medium Duty Tiller 12-28hp Tractors

Suited to smaller farms running Cat I tractors in the 12-28hp power range is the SPTILL135. Whilst referred to as medium duty, this unit is still exceptionally well built and outperforms all expectations. This unit uses a combination of heavy duty cast steel gearbox and a chain drive to direct the tractor's PTO power to the 28 tilling blades. It features a adjustable rear flap that can be used not only for safety but also achieving a smooth finish if this is desired. This unit offers reliable performance in a manageable size and is ideal for CAT I tractors.

SPTILL210 - Heavy Duty Tiller suits 45-80hp Tractors

This model can be configured for both Cat I/II tractors and features a wide (2100mm) tilling width and extra heavy duty design. Heavier plate is used on the decking along with a larger over-engineered gearbox. This model uses straight cut gears to transfer the tractor's power to the rotary tillers and this design achieves the ultimate in reliable and lasting performance.

Adjustable skids set the tilling depth and an adjustable rear flap is also included to achieve the smooth finish often desired. This unit is extremely well built and will handle the toughest of jobs day in and day out.

Tractor Implement Model SPTILL135 SPTILL210
Brand Paddock™ Machinery Paddock™ Machinery
Cutting Width 1,350mm 2,100mm
Overall Width 1,476mm 2240mm
Best suited to Tractors
Max Tilling Depth 107mm 132mm
Tiller Tines
28 48
PTO Speed
540 RPM 540 RPM
Tractor Cat
I / II
PTO Shaft
Included 1-3/8" 6 Spline Included 1-3/8" 6 Spline
Drive Train

Cast Iron Gearbox

Chain transmission

Cast Iron Gearbox

Gear Transmission

Weight 235 kg 550 kg
Dimensions 1,476mm x 845mm x 822mm (H) 2,240mm x 878mm x 1,070mm (H)
Warranty 2 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty



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