Vacuum Pump


PRICE: $1,599.00 (inc GST)

Paddock Machinery has specifically designed this electric vacuum pump for use in the core drilling industry. It's high vacuum and air flow, yet light weight design, makes it easily portable around the construction site. The sturdy frame, not only prevents damage, but incorporates an inbuilt tank or reservoir. Oversized pistons and exceptional cooling capacity give the vac pump reliability with top end performance. Suitable for use with all Paddock core drill rigs and vacuum base stands as well as many other brands. Built for tradies - Priced for DIYers.

Paddock™ Core Drill Vacuum Pump with Inbuilt Tank
  • High vacuum & air flow
  • Sturdy, reliable design
  • Suits a range of drill stands and bases
  • Inbuilt tank / reservoir
  • 3 minutes of vacuum after power loss!
  • Simple to service and maintain
  • Spare parts & service available


The Paddock vacuum pump is used to secure core drilling equipment through use of a stand mounted drilling rig with vacuum base. Simple to use, attach the quick connect hose to the vacuum pump and the drill stand vacuum base. Turn the vac pump on and wait for it to reach sufficient vacuum by viewing the easy to read pressure gauge.

The unit has an electric drive and will run from a standard household plug meaning it can be used on basically any building or construction site through to a DIY home renovation. Incorporated into the design are a silenced outlet, moisture trap, air filter and anti-vibration feet.

A key safety feature is the tank or reservoir built into the vac pump frame and handle. This allows 3 minutes of useable vacuum after the unit loses power giving time for the drill rig to be safely secured and stabilised.

Vacuum Pump
Brand Paddock™ Machinery
220V 50Hz
Speed 1400 RPM
Current 3.6 A
Capacitance 25 μF
Air Flow
120 L/min
Max. Pressure
8 Bar (116 psi)
Tank Inbuilt (3 mins vacuum after power loss)

Inbuilt pressure gauge.

Air hose with quick couplings.

Moisture trap.


Air filter.

Warranty 12 Months

Compatible Paddock™ Core Drilling Equipment

We also stock a range of core drilling equipment which can be used with the vacuum pumps.

Core Drill Motors

Paddock offers a range of core drill motors and core drill stands. Pair the drill motors as follows:

Drill Model PCD2200W - use with drill stand model PCDR250A. This drill stand is for drill bits up to 252mm (without spacers) and has the vacuum base incorporated.

Drill Model PCD3300W - use with drill stand models PCDR350A or PCDR440A. The 350mm drill stand has the vacuum base and is for core bits up to 352mm (without spacers). The 440mm model has a conventional bolt down base and can handle larger diameter core bits.

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Diamond Core Drill Bits

By using the industry standard 1-1/4" drive head many brands of core drill bits can be used. The Paddock™ range of core drill bits are premium quality, economical and our recommended choice.

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Portable Water Tanks

Paddock™ offers a portable, rechargeable, electric water supply tank on a trolley. These are ideal for wet coring applications and dust suppression.

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Core Drilling Applications:

  • Construction & building projects
  • Plumbing & drain holes
  • Electrical lines
  • Gas lines and pipes
  • Water pipes and sewerage
  • Heating, ventilation & air conditioning pipes
  • Structural testing
  • ...and more




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