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Walk Behind Tractor


PRICE: $3,879.00 (inc GST)

This is Australia's best motorised, walk behind tractor by Paddock™. Use this tractor for ploughing and tilling your market farm and improving the quality of your soil and increasing your yield. Available with a genuine Briggs and Stratton Petrol engine or a durable and economical diesel engine, these tractors are extremely capable and will be used daily for improving your farming life.

Paddock™ Walking Tractor
  • Self propelled with 3 forward and 2 reverse gears
  • Manual locking differential allows for tighter turning in tight spaces without loss of traction in challenging conditions
  • Genuine Briggs and Stratton Petrol Engine or Diesel engine alternative
  • Key start and recoil backup standard on all models
  • Power Take Off (PTO) allows for a range of implements to be driven
  • Heavy duty tractor transmission generates massive torque
  • Simple to service and maintain with Australian warranty


The Paddock™ Walk Behind Tractor is a versatile machine you'll wonder how you ever did without. It's ideal for smaller crops, market farms and inside greenhouses where conventional tractors don't fit. Extremely simple to use, the walk behind tractor is still incredibly powerful and makes light work of otherwise intensive manual labour.

The walking tractor is basically a air cooled engine directly coupled to a purpose built tractor gearbox. The gearbox is heavy duty and oil filled with multiple forward and reverse gears to allow different operating speeds. A Power Take Off (PTO) output is also provided with a quick hitch coupling system that allows a range of attachments to be utilised. The gearbox also features a manual locking differential that the user can select to improve the output to the drive wheels or leave unlocked to help the unit turn in tight spaces or around trees with ease. The tractors gearbox is extremely well build and delivers impressive torque in the lowest gear ensuring ample power to plough hard ground.

The tractor can be configured in a range of ways to allow the operator to walk directly behind or offset to the side out of the worked soil. The controls can also be rotated 180 degrees to allow the tractor to work in the reverse direction. Some attachments are designed for this reverse operating arrangement and the well engineered design makes it quick to make this setup change without the need for any tools. 

Rotary Plough

The rotary plough attachment utilises the PTO connection from the tractor and is used for breaking new ground and turning over existing garden bed soils. It provides a relatively course, yet highly effective disruption to the soil as it throws the soil rather then processing it like the rotary tiller. The rotary plough can penetrate 150-300mm into the soil and discharges the agitated soil to the side as the unit travels. This attachment can be useful for making raised mounds for vegetable beds and general loosening of hard compacted soils.

The rotary plough is also effective around fruit tree crops for disrupting the soil and promoting soil drainage where the top layer is overgrown with weeds, grasses or simply compacted.


Fixed Plough

The fixed plough is low complexity and doesn't require the tractor's PTO output. Instead it uses the power of the driven wheels to drag the pointed V-shaped plough to loosen soil without turning it over. This attachment is useful for planting new crops in rows and breaking up compacted soils. Typical penetration depth is ~200mm.

walk behind tractor fixed plough
Rotary Tiller

Available in two widths, the rotary tiller is used for turning over the top 100-150mm of soil which can help promote the mixing of fertilisers, aeration of soil and general water drainage. The height is adjustable via an adjustment lever. The tiller is use to improve your soil quality and increase crop yield.

The rotary tiller utilises the spinning PTO shaft output of the tractor and converts this output into the forward rotation of the tiller tines.

walking tractor tiller attachment
Walking Tractor Trailer

Add a trailer attachment to your walk behind tractor to make carting of soil, farming equipment and stock feed a breeze. The trailer is designed to carry up to 300kg and is a must have for most farm owners. A small storage box doubles as a seat to allow the tractor to be driven to the work area. The trailer does not use the PTO output from the tractor and rather features a lazy axle design arrangement. The trailer has a manual tipping function which can help unload supplies. The side and rear gates on the trailer can be hinged down to reveal a flat trailer deck.

walk behind tractor trailer
Paddock Walk Behind Tractor Engines

The walking tractor is available with a genuine Briggs and Stratton petrol engine or a KAMA diesel engine. Both engines are air cooled and extremely reliable and well proven throughout the world. Running these engines though a reduction gearbox ensures these tractors have ample power for the demanding tasks they face.

Both petrol and diesel engine options are supplied with dual recoil/electric starters and a battery. Having the dual start options gives the user the best flexibility as their walking tractor can still be easily started if the battery did go flat.

Tractor Build Quality

These tractors are built around a relatively simple design with few total components. The factory engine is directly coupled to a heavy duty, oil filled, small tractor gearbox. With 3 forward and 2 reverse gears the tractor can change from a fast walking speed to a slower higher torque output.

The handle bar assembly is designed such that the tractor can be used with a offset so the operator doesn't have to walk directly behind the unit trampling the freshly tilled soil. The bar works is of steel construction with a painted finish to ensure a long operating life. The controls are robust and simple to navigate with basic training and familiarisation.

The PTO output utilises a quality quick hitch design meaning users can change between attachments with ease. A single locking pin retains the attachment to the tractor and is quickly retracted to divorce the connection.

Tilling and Ploughing your soil offers many advantages including:
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Mixing of fertilisers
  • Increased plant access to moisture, air, fertiliser, food
  • Easy plantation of seeds into the soil depths
  • Increased seed germination
  • Reduced weeds

Walking Tractor Specifications
Brand Paddock™ Machinery

SPWKTRACD - Diesel - KAMA186FE 10hp

Dual recoil + Electric start (battery included)

SPWKTRACP - Petrol - Briggs and Stratton 13hp

Duel recoil + Electric start (battery included)


Oil Filled, heavy duty

3 forward gears 1.0/2.3/11.0 KM/H

2 reverse gears 1.0/2.3 KM/H

Locking differential standard

PTO output standard 990 rpm

Spring loaded cone type
PTO Quick Hitch Standard inclusion
Wheels 5.00-10

Width 550mm

Length ~1,000mm

Height ~1,000mm


~128 kg for diesel model

~105 kg for petrol model

Warranty 1 Year



47 Eagleview Place,
Eagle Farm QLD 4009