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Walk Behind Trencher


PRICE: $4,799.00 (inc GST)

The Paddock™ walk-behind trencher combines the best of the mechanical and engineering world. With 13.5HP of genuine Briggs & Stratton power and clever ergonomic design, it provides you a powerful trencher that is easy to maneuver and operate whilst being extremely capable of tackling difficult jobs.

Portable Paddock Walk-Behind Trencher

Paddock engineered an intuitive and simple to operate control system for this unit. It works faster and straighter than you might expect from a walk-behind trencher. The simple pivot and pull system combined with a low center of gravity and large footprint offers stability and increased maneuverability - all the while conserving existing turf. ­Suitable for the rental business industry, council contractors, tradesperson, farmers and home handy persons. With a simple design approach and a quality B&S motor, this is a superior, more reliable and easier to operate trencher. This unit is suitable for operation by people of all skill levels and is very manageable in both tight areas as well as wide open spaces.

  • Quality sealed bearings ensure reliable operation and minimise maintenance requirements.
  • Genuine Briggs & Stratton 13.5 HP 4 stroke commercial engine.
  • 60m/hour trenching capacity
  • Highest quality carbide trenching blades perform and last!
  • 3 x Cutting Depths - 200mm, 400mm and 600mm.
  • Simple to service and maintain with spares available
  • 12 Months Australian warranty.


Paddock 200mm - 600mm Trencher

Ideal for trenching through yards and properties, its portable design still digs up to 600mm trench depth. Users can quickly select and adjust the cutting depth via the predetermined settings to achieve accurate trench depths. The blades on this trencher have been specified during design to the best quality carbide alloy blades, so they perform and last in tough Australian conditions. The screw auger pushes the excavated earth to the side providing a neat channel ideal for laying piping, cables or whatever needs to be buried. Excavated soil can easily be back filled into the trench as it's left to the side in a neat pile.  

Paddock equipment is over-engineered to eliminate problems seen on lower cost machines making it suitable for trade, rental and commercial use in addition to lighter duty domestic use. The trencher's slim design fits through narrow gates and doorways and allows trenching close to walls and fences. The side cleaning auger stops material falling back into the trench. Having this trencher powered by a quality and well supported Briggs and Stratton commercial engine means you will always get the performance you expect and will be able to service and maintain this trencher well into the future.  

How to use a DIY Walk-Behind Trencher

Once you mark out your trenching path, operation is as simple as starting the quality B&S engine. Allow the engine time to warm up whilst selecting the pre-set depth adjustment settings.

To begin trenching, increase the engine RPM and use a up and down pivot motion on the handle to raise and lower the trencher bar into the ground. The unit is balanced and designed to make this ergonomic and manageable with ease. Your body weight is used to push down on the bar raising the trencher while the weight of the engine and bar lowers the trencher chain into the ground. Each time the trencher is pivoted and raised, simply roll the unit back 150mm before repeating the cycle. This simple and repetitive action sees trenches dug with ease at ~1m per minute in common Australia backyards. 

When working with machinery, equipment quality should not be compromised, cheap copy machines breakdown costing you money. Paddock only use the highest quality materials making them a machine for life. Ensure you're getting genuine branded equipment, not some Chinese copy.

Specifications SPWBTREN
Engine 13.5HP 4 stroke Briggs & Stratton Commercial Petrol Engine
Blades 27 carbide alloy blades
Chain Length 2057mm (81")
Chain Speed 550m/ min (1804ft/ min)
Trenching Depth 200mm, 400mm & 600mm
Trenching Width ~100mm
Rotational Speed 300-460 rpm
Dimensions 2172mm (L) x 887mm (W) x 1168mm (H)
Weight 184 kg
Warranty 12 months



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