Wet Sand Blasting Kit

SKU: S50028

PRICE: $439.00 (inc GST)

Use your existing pressure washer as a wet sand blaster to remove rust, paint and old coatings. This kit is simple and effective utilising the pump pressure of your washer to project abrasive sands at the material you're looking to blast. Great for a range of applications from DIY to professional users. Remove graffiti and stains from concrete and steel. 

Abrasive Wet Sand Blaster Kit for Pressure Washers

This kit can be retro fitted to most pressure washers on the market and works to effectively wet sand blast your projects. Wet blasting uses the high pressure water from your pressure washer combined with dry abrasive sand to deliver an extremely effective clean and to strip surfaces.

Wet blasting can remove old paint, rust, graffiti and stains from almost any surface including steel and concrete. The addition of the sand creates an abrassive stream which is much more effective than pressure washing alone.

The kit features a strengthened ceramic nozzle tube that withstands the abrasive service. The sand probe will draw dry sand directly out of the bag meaning there is no air born contaminants to breath in and cause health issues.

The kit comes with a 1/4" BSP threaded inlet. This can be fitted to the outlet of your existing pressure washing lance. A 1/4" male QD fitting can be supplied to allow this nozzle to be quick fitted if a permant install isn't needed.

Specifications S50028
Max. Pressure 4,000 psi (275 bar)
Design Flow ~15 L/min
Max Temperature 90 °C
Inlet 1/4" female BSP



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