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Zero Turn Mowers


PRICE: $8,999.00 (inc GST)

Paddock Zero Turn mowers offer exceptional value for money with over-engineered build quality combined with the most powerful engines that deliver incredibly fast mowing speeds and improved efficiency. These units are ideal for the demanding Australian terrain.

Paddock Ride On Lawn Mower Features
  • Fast and agile with zero turn abilities
  • Genuine Loncin 24hp V-Twin 4 stroke engines
  • Heavy duty professional quality construction
  • Oversized and powerful hydraulic drive units offer smooth performance and control
  • Hardened cutting blades last in Australian conditions
  • Paddock's Australian warranty
Zero-turn Mower Applications

Ride on, zero turn mowers are a popular choice thanks to the improved efficiency with higher speeds and exceptional maneuverability. Zero turn mowers are ideal for mowing not only large open spaces but also tighter access areas, around obstacles, such as trees and garden edging. 

The mower is driven from the rear wheels and steering is achieved by varying the travel speed of these wheels independent of each other. Having the ability to drive one wheel forwards while the other is turning backwards gives the mower it's incredible zero turn capability and agility.  

The Paddock zero turn mowers are over-engineered and run dual hydraulic drive units, one to each wheel. The onboard engine is powerful and designed to handle hard Australian conditions with dual air filters. Having more power on tap is always a benefit and means the mower is less likely to bog down in longer grass and this helps to make mowing fast and efficient. 

These units are ideal for small to medium size acreage properties and can work to not only mow open fields but also in close around the house, gardens and outdoor furniture.

Powerful and Efficient

The Paddock zero-turn mowers are powered by the latest key start Loncin 24hp V-Twin Petrol engines. These engines are extremely reliable and well proven all over the world in similar applications. This engine was basically designed for commercial ride on lawn mowers and delivers a large cubic volume and huge oil reservoir capacity, without sacrificing efficiency. The engine achieves Euro V emissions certification meaning it's suited to the Australian environmental regulations. Experience with Loncin engines shows these engines are basically derated in their performance figures and despite being officially listed as 24hp, they perform equivalent to other brands claiming 28hp, users will be impressed with the performance from this 802cc 4-stroke engine.

Build Quality and Construction

Paddock mowers are built using high quality, relatively common components, meaning ongoing service and maintenance is a breeze.

When sitting on these units, the operator immediately gets a feeling of confidence in the construction. They feel solid, ergonomic and well thought out in their design. 

The deck thickness varies between the models with the 48" unit suited to general domestic acreage mowing whilst the larger 62" is beefed up for the commercial or heavier user. 

The 48" model benefits from a stamped cutting deck. The stamping process uses a high strength steel and expensive tooling to deliver a deck without the need for welding. It offers a number of advantages not only to the user but also in construction. The stamped plate is extremely robust thanks to it's harder finish when compared to a fabricated steel deck. 

The 62" model is built around a fabricated steel deck which inherently means the steel is thicker and heavier and less prone to longer term wear in heavy commercial applications. 

Each model has a powder coated paint finish to the steel. Linkages are treated with a corrosion resistant finish to help in the units overall longevity and appearance. 

Paddock Mower Comfort and Safety

Each unit is supplied with ROPS (Roll over protection system) to aid in the overall safety of the unit. This system can quickly be lowered to aid in tight storage and transport as needed. 

The operator feels secure in the padded, high back seat with lap belt. Controls are accessible and smooth thanks to the quality hydraulic drive units delivering power to the wheels.

Safety is further enhanced with a lock out feature built into the drive levers as well as automatic throttle return as standard, this helps ensure the unit will not accidently take off on you if a lever is bumped when entering or exiting the mower.

Service and Maintenance

Paddock take a great approach to service and maintenance of the zero turn mowers.  Ample information is provided for customers to perform service and adjustments themselves or users are welcome to use their local mower repair shops to perform services without risk of voiding the warranty.

Servicing, support and spare parts are also available for the Paddock range of Zero Turn ride on mowers through Scintex Australia. 


Zero Turn
Cutting Width 48"

24hp Loncin Petrol 4 Stroke Engine

V-twin cylinder, 802cc

Engine Oil Capacity 2.4L

24hp Loncin Petrol 4 Stroke Engine

V-twin cylinder, 802cc

Engine Oil Capacity 2.4L


Dual hydro static drive

Infinitely variable

Dual hydro static drive

Infinitely variable

Max. Cutting Speed

16 km/hr

19 km/hr

Cutting Styles


Optional mulching blades


Optional mulching blades
# Cutting Blades 3 3
Fuel Tank 15 L 28 L
Start Electric
Cut Height


38mm to 127mm (1.5" to 5")


38mm to 127mm

Blade Engagement
Manual Clutch Manual Clutch
12-gauge stamped steel
7-gauge fabricated steel
ROP Yes Yes

20" x 8" rear tires

13" x 5" front tires

22" x 10" rear tires

15" x 6 "front tires

Weight ~410kg
Dimensions 1.91x1.37x1.83m
Warranty 24 Months
24 Months



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Eagle Farm QLD 4009